Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weather for the Gateway Shitty

In a ballsy move we didn't expect, our friends Mike and Diana decided not to cancel their White Elephant Christmas party tonight. Which was fine with us... if it's snowing, I'll find a reason to get out in it.

I somehow ended up taking home the most coveted gift of the party, a talking fly swatter, but it required a lot of thievery (if you've ever participated in a White Elephant event, you know what I mean). When you kill a fly, the Talking Fly Swatter says things like "Flight cancelled!" Or, "Hasta la vista, baby!" Yeah, damn right and it's all mine.

When we left the party, we hung out at the mall until Em's sister got off work so we could drive her home. She's not great on snowy roads, so it was the right thing to do. As we were pulling out, we noticed some people huddled around something in front of Best Buy. Naturally, we whipped around to take a look.

The "something" was a propane heater, and the people were camping out for tomorrow's shipment of Nintendo Wiis. I'd say these were the most dedicated (read: lunatic fringe) people I've ever met! I almost went to QT to get them hot chocolate, but realized that they will pay Best Buy prices for the Wii and sell them for a multiple of four or five.

The snow was exceptionally heavy at around 6 pm. We had just hit the drive-thru at White Castle for a "Crave Case" for the party (because we heard white elephants love White Castle) and found ourselves in near-whiteout conditions. (We're brilliant, creative and funny.)

This was I-70 near our house. MODOT had done a decent job of getting the road cleared by now. (12:45 am)

We paused in front of O'Fallon City Hall. I wish I had the good camera and a tripod, I could have taken some fantastic night shots.

At 1:00 am we were 10 blocks from home. This clock is also part of the City Hall complex. I was surprised the snow still hadn't stopped. We got a total of around 7-8 inches at our house.

I hope you enjoy the photos, the snow is exceptionally beautiful. Right now the tea kettle is whistling. One quick cup and I'm hitting the bed. I think we'll probably stick close to home tomorrow, make some bacon and eggs in the morning and relax all day.


Crystal said...

i would totally wait all night for the wii, but with my luck, someone who walk up at 8am and cut in line in front of me and i would be too much of a coward to grab her by the ponytail and drag her to the end of the line and then i would get my turn in line and they would be all "fresh out" and i would go home and kill myself for waiting all night for that to happen. i get anxiety just thinking about it. and i feel sorry for the next person i see who has a ponytail.

Diana said...

Well, we really didn't think that it was going to get as bad as it did....yes, we should have canceled it, but too late now... :o)

Weary Hag said...

Yeah, my beanhead daughter sat out in the weather the other night from 4 a.m. till 8 so she could get one for who I like to refer to as "the boy."
(he's 27 and an accomplished artist but that doesn't matter... nope, not a bit)

Your pics here are neato, keen.