Thursday, December 03, 2009

My life

My trip has been so fruitful.
The people I've encountered,
Places I've been and
Things I've seen
Weave a tapestry of
Wild shapes and colors
With ups and downs,
Lights and darks,
Yin and yang,
So utterly unpredictable
That it makes the works of Chagall
Seem tempered.


Clippy Mat said...

this is a lovely way of looking at your life's tapesty.
life is unpredictable this is true.
hope yours is going well.

Summergirl said...

I miss your great writing. Happy Holidays!

Weary Hag said...

I'm with Summergirl. I too miss your writings ... very, very much.

Hey Dave, Just passing through to wish you and Emily and baby boy and "?" a most happy Christmas and a merry new year filled with all things good & positive, healthy, green($) and musical.

Wishing you all the best (and ps it WAS three months again since you posted last. hahaha... see how that just "happens?")