Friday, April 10, 2009

525,600 minutes

In the span of what seemed like only three months, we've gone from this:

To this:

Happy First Birthday, Grayson Thomas Morris! Your dad is proud of you and loves you very much.

In a pretty rare event, Emily gave birth to Grayson on HER birthday... so both are celebrating today. Love you Emily, happy first 29th birthday!


Violet said...

I can't even believe it! It has just gone by so fast!

C said...

well happy birthday to both of you then! dave, ya got your shopping cut out for you every year, eh?

graysons so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogarita said...

My younger brother was born on my mom's birthday. It ensured that no one ever forgets either one!

Happy Birthday to Grayson and Emily!

Chris Johnson said...

Thanks Dave, The title now has the song stuck in my head!!