Friday, September 21, 2007

Tangerine flashlight

We've been busily narrowing down our list of names for the new baby. The trouble is, we've eliminated a lot of possibilities. To wit:
  • The names of all people we've dated or been married to.
  • Names of Em's really irritating students.
  • All my past pets. (Pecos, Sassy, Regis, Sparky, Kramer, Grab-ass)
  • The odd names. (Hunter, Levi, Kodiak, Buford)
  • All colors. (Violet, Fucia, Rose, Chartreuse, etc.)
  • Weather terms. (Sunny, Rayney, Wendy, Updraft, Coldfront)
  • All the months. (April, June, May, October)
  • The name Mike.
I've also been making a list of names that would be easily taunted on the playground, or that rhyme with naughty words. So the chances are slim that we will be naming our child:
  • Peter
  • Paul (ball)
  • Richard (duh)
  • Delores
  • Chuck
  • Maryola
  • Rock (or Brock, or Jock)
  • Deaver (or Weaver)
  • Venus
  • Moobie
  • Rick
  • Festicle
So it's down to either Phillipe or Sue.


On my last post, you may have gotten the impression I was under the influence. Actually, the only crack I was exposed to was the crack of dawn. I guess you write some really goofy shit when the sleeping meds start kicking in.

At least I didn't impart upon you my theory about each atom being its own universe.


Tonight, Ella's spending the night with Uncle Dave and Aunt Emily. She has been a great visitor. We played with my computer, where she stumbled across a few new mathematical parodoxes, studied the properties of a mobius strip and discussed Mahavira's theorem on a college message board. She's still a rookie, but learning fast.

While she was doing that, I was making her Winnie the Pooh toy hump her Tigger toy. We all have our comfort zones.


I went to a Cardinals game with a few guys last night. We lost EIGHTEEN to ONE. The Astros basically took batting practice.

Next time this particular group of guys are together, I'm going to propose a drinking game. Every time Ada (an Englishman) makes a reference to the game of soccer, we all drink. When I check email on my phone, we drink. When Scuba Steve plays air guitar, we drink. When Cornett... uh, drinks, we all drink.

We'll need a designated driver, I'll tell you that right now.


I hacked my iPhone and added a ton of useful programs. Included, the game of Yahtzee, and something called "Pig Shooter," a game where you shoot spaceships with flying pigs. For the intellectual in all of us.


The weekend is ON, bitches! Have a great one.


Fantastagirl said...

When I was preggers with 'Pan' we spent months trying to find the right name - and about two days before he was born, we finally figure it out..and would you believe they came up with a crappy nickname. I could've killed the father-in-law.

Nobody™ said...

Keep it simple, name the kid Bob.

Ari said...

What, you're not gonna add another Apple or Rumer to the world??

Once I was at the pool and there was this darling little blue-eyed 3 or 4 year old with a head full of blonde curls and her momma shouted out, "Topanga!" A Texas accent does not favor that name well.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I implore you to reconsider the name Richard.

William R. Fink said...

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