Tuesday, October 03, 2006

You Ol' Indian Summer

Native American Summer, to be PC.

Today in St. Louis, we will reach a high (if the weather guys are correct) of near 95. Our record high here is 92.

Last week, it was cold here... like 15 degrees below normal. This week, the A/C is back on, the bugs are busy again... the trees don't know what the hell to do, drop leaves or bud new ones. Rainfall has been down this year, so again the colors won't be as vibrant as usual.

The seasons feel different now. When I was a kid, this area got TONS of snow. Twelve inch snowfalls were fairly routine... we'd get two or three a year. For the past several years, we've gotten no snowfalls over five or six inches. In fact, last year, I received a TOTAL of about six inches at my house all winter.

Even now, when pretty much everyone agrees the global climate is changing, it's weird to actually SEE it. Although a few local temperature fluctuations aren't 'proof' of change, the melting of the ice caps and rising of overall average temps across the past few decades are.

Is the weather changing where you are? Now that we have hard evidence, do you believe global climate change is occurring, or do you still think it's bunk?


Eve said...

I had the top down today and was SWEATING.

WHen I as a child, 12-18 inches of fluffy snow.

Now... slush.

Global Warming, Dave.


MIA said...

As long as it only globally warms to a cristp 65-78 degrees. When it gets cold like winter my tourettes syndrome really kicks in and I curse like a m. f.er.

Anonymous said...

We've had three days in a row of record-breaking heat on this side of the state, and went from the furnace Sunday morning to the A/C that afternoon.

You're right that the winters don't seem to give up as much snow as they used to. However, two winters ago the town were I was living got hit hard by every snowstorm that came through, even when other parts of the metro only got a dusting.

rachel said...

Our weather is changing too. I remember 10 years ago needing hats and gloves for the winter. Not any more. It's sad that things have to change so much, I would rather have baking hot all summer and freezing all winter. I love seasons changing but they seem to just merge into each other.
Good post and lovely pics Dave

Violet said...

I thought you had connections with Mother Nature. Why don't you call her up and see what the deal is?

Anonymous said...

The earth has been warming for millions of years. Where I grew up there used to be glaciers, now it's a bunch of lakes. It will warm up more, then it will cool down and we'll have another ice age. Not much we can do about it.